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Is Birch Syrup new to you and you just don't know what to do with it? A man with a stainless steel baking bowl on his head and a woman holding her head in her hands are standing in the kitchen looking confused.

We understand! Birch Syrup may seem new and different but the concept has actually been in existence for a very long time. Birch is more difficult to make in large quantities than maple syrup, which is why it is not on every grocery shelf like maple. Birch may be scarce, but its taste is extraordinary and the possibilities to use it across a broad range of foods and beverages is endless.

Come, take a look at the possibilities...once you get started you will never look back.


Helpful Resources



 Birch Pairings Downloadable PDF PDF We designed birch pairings to provide specific guidance on what types of whole food, spices, beverages and popular dishes pair well with Birch. Whether Birch goes in or on these foods, these combos are a slam dunk.
Birch Recipes Blog Website Recipes published by The Canadian Birch Company, searchable by type of dish, Birch product and dietary needs.


Our first series of short videos are coming soon to get you acquainted with Birch Syrup, how it tastes and how you use it in cooking, starting with Birch Basics.

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Video Series


BIRCH Flavor Tour!


Get to know the three flavors of Birch and how Birch Syrup can enhance different kinds of food. (1:25 min)


Birch Basics

What is Birch Syrup, how does it taste and what role does it play in cooking?


Gourmet Birch Collection Tour

Take a brief tour of our collection of ready-made Birch sauces & toppings where we show you how to leverage the wonderful taste of Birch with literally NO effort.


Let your imagination fly!