Birch Food Pairings

More flavorful than sweet...more possibility than pancakes!

Although we must admit, we LOVE pancakes, our mission is to make Birch Syrup a household staple. We WANT YOU to KNOW BIRCH!!! Let us introduce you to Maple's close but unfamiliar cousin…you know, that sort of cousin whom no one really seems to know, comes off as dark and complex, but once you get acquainted you find they are actually astonishingly extraordinary? Yep, that’s the one! Read on to find out why…

While pure Birch is lovely with pancakes, it is not as sweet as maple syrup and has much MORE FLAVOR which opens the door to a wide world of culinary possibilities. In fact, Birch is way more versatile than one may imagine. Due to its flavor complexity, it compliments practically all food groups: meat, veggies, fruit, diary, nuts, seeds & grains. Be sure to take our brief Birch Flavor Tour to get the full "deets" (details!) on Birch taste profiles.

Birch Pairing Cards

Our new Pairing Cards provide an extensive list of pairings in PDF format to give you lots of ideas about whole foods and dishes that go well with The CANADIAN BIRCH COMPANY's line of Birch Syrup products. One proviso however...these pairings apply exclusively to our products. Due to the variations in production and birch tree species among birch syrup producers as outlined in Birch vs. Wine these pairings may not work well with other brands of birch products. 

If experimentation and spending hours in the kitchen is not your thing WE GET IT! We too are busy with work, family, friends, community, and when our early birch syrup customers kept asking us, "What do you use birch syrup for?", we responded by putting our money literally where our mouth is by developing a line of ready-to-serve Birch products. Our Sweet & Sociable Birch Collection is literally that, a collection of sweet (as in awesome!) condiments & sauces to be enjoyed for social occasions and shared with the people you love.

All Sweet & Sociables have the delicious flavor of Birch as a primary ingredient making these products unique, fresh and impressive. 

  • Birch Bacon Jam - Savory condiment with 40% real bacon, spices & Birch. Excellent on perogies, grilled cheese sandwiches & charcuterie
  • Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce - Sweet toffee dessert topping, decadent with a tangy finish that leaves you wanting more
  • Birch Q Sauce - Grilling sauce, marinade, dip & caesar cocktail jolt


We love to hear your ideas as well so please drop us a comment or email and let us know what great combinations you have discovered.