Birch Flavor Tour

It's time to celebrate the BIG TASTE of Birch!

It's UNKNOWN, it's UNDERESTIMATED and it's DEFINITELY TIME to give the underdog its due! Let us introduce you to Maple's close but unfamiliar cousin…you know, that sort of cousin whom no one really seems to know, comes off as dark and complex, but once you get acquainted you find out they are astonishingly extraordinary? Take the tour & find out why…

Birch Flavor Tour

Watch this short video to learn about "all the flavors of Birch". Use our pairing cards, videos and recipes to incorporate Birch Syrup into your meals and entertainment plans.


Birch has BIG taste. There is no other way to describe the luscious, compelling taste of Birch. It is sweet but not overly so. It is fruity but yet toffee-like. It has overtones of molasses & brown sugar, undertones of citrus and a tangy finish that is not unlike a balsamic reduction. Think of 'sweet & sour' and how compelling that is in terms of leaving your palette wanting more. This is the magic of Birch!

If this sounds like we are pandering to all taste spectrums here, we can't blame you for thinking so. However, we need to give Birch the credit it deserves. Birch has a distinctive flavor all unto its own and is incredibly multi-dimensional, adding additional layers of taste to foods & dishes which in turn bring out either the toffee, fruity or sweet tangy notes of Birch. It is this multidimensional flavor profile that makes Birch incredibly versatile as a culinary syrup. 

The CANADIAN BIRCH COMPANY crafts three different grades of Birch Syrup, each varying in color with their own distinct flavor profiles and food pairing compatibilities.  While Birch is a new flavor to many, it is not a new concept  overall. 

  • Gold - Premium quality, light in color, smooth notes of sweet toffee & brown sugar
  • Amber - Brilliant red color, robust, less sweet with intense fruitiness
  • Dark - Rich deep brown in color, smooth, balsamic and earthy
Birch Syrup Flavor Profiles, Tasting Wheel, Aroma Wheel

Gold, Amber & Dark are distinctive but there is continuity of flavor throughout as illustrated in the chart. Take advantage of our Cooking with Birch series including printable birch pairing cards, recipes and videos that offer ideas on how to enjoy our Birch products. 

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