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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This page covers the most frequently asked questions about Birch Syrup, our Birch Collections and our business. We are pleased to share this information and if you have a suggestion for additional content in this section by all means send us an message using the form at the bottom of this page.




What is Birch Syrup?

Birch syrup is a product of natural sap from the Birch tree. The CANADIAN BIRCH COMPANY’s award winning Birch Syrups are crafted from certified organic sap harvested from our natural boreal forest and using processing methods similar to the maple syrup industry. The sap is purified and run through an evaporation process where heat is applied reducing the sap to a syrup.  

Is Birch Syrup similar to Maple Syrup? Both are made using a similar process, but that is where the similarity ends. Birch Syrup is thicker in texture, is less sweet and is bursting with intense flavors ranging from sweet & fruity to balsamic & tangy across three distinct color grades of Gold, Amber & Dark. Believe it or not, maple syrup is not a competitor to our Birch Syrups, as both appeal to different tastes and have different culinary applications. see our Birch Flavor Tour for detailed descriptions of flavor, uses and applications. 
What is Birch Syrup used for? Our Pure Birch Syrups are not too sweet and are packed with intense flavor. They achieve their maximum potential as a flavoring for whole foods & recipes. The CANADIAN BIRCH COMPANY syrups are renowned as “Culinary Syrups” for their wide ranging potential to add dimensional flavor to meats, vegetables, salads, desserts & beverages.
Are your Birch Syrups natural and/or vegan? Do they contain gluten or preservatives? Our Pure Birch Syrup Collection is crafted from certified organic birch tree sap harvested from our own natural boreal forest. Our Pure Birch Syrups contain no additives or preservatives and are by their very nature vegan and free of gluten, providing great flavor options for people with restricted dietary requirements.
Is Birch Syrup safe for diabetics? While every person's situation is different, you and your doctor are in the best position to determine what is safe for you. What we can tell you is that with pure birch syrup, a little goes a long way due to its concentrated flavor, meaning that we use way less per serving than that of other sauces. This translates less calories and sugar than is typically assumed when looking at the nutrition labels. (Note: a typical service is 1 tsp not 2 TBSP)
Why is Birch Syrup more expensive than maple syrup?

The sap to syrup ratio of maple syrup is approximately 40 to 1, while for Birch Syrup it is 120 to 1. In essence, the yield for Birch is much less per litre of sap but requires the same amount or more of labor. Birch Syrup producers have to charge more per litre in order to make a reasonable living at this labor intensive profession. Luckily, given that Birch Syrup has concentrated flavor, you don't need to use much in order to flavor your favorite foods and dishes. In other words, with Birch Syrup a little goes a long way and you will find that your purchase results in multiple uses. The shelf life is very long as well.

What is the shelf life of Birch Syrup?

Birch Syrup does not have a best before date and lasts several years due to its sugar content. We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator as a matter of practice.

Is Birch Syrup newly discovered?

The making and use of birch syrup can be traced back hundreds of years to Canada’s First Nations people, but larger-scale production and its use as a gourmet culinary product are relatively new developments. This is in part due to the difficulties of birch syrup production, including the high volume of sap required to produce syrup – an average of 120:1 versus 40:1 for maple syrup.

While the process is an arduous one, requiring precision, expertise and intuition, we relish the challenge and the opportunity to bring the unique flavour of birch syrup to tables across Canada and around the world.