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Holiday Gift Pack Sale!

Photos of 3 of our holiday gift packs ranging from $33 to $59.

Buy 2, Get $5.00 OFF*  |  Buy 3, Get $10 OFF*

From NOW until midnight Dec 23rd. All Gift Packs are eligible towards this discount including Pure Birch Syrup gift packs and Taster Packs. Gift Cards are not eligible for this discount.

Stylized photo of a rustic wrapped holiday gift on a wooden decking with snow lightly sprinkled around it, feature country Christmas decorations in red, white and green

Birch Bundles

Buy 2, Save $3  |  Buy 3, Save $6!  

Our new Birch Bundle pricing replaces our previous Birch Gourmet Duo and Trio packages, giving you more flexibility to save on your own custom combination of birch syrup and gourmet products! Applies to Pure Birch Syrups and Sweet & Sociable Birch Gourmet  collections in any size or combination. 

Birch Bundle discounts are automatically applied at checkout.* The Buy 3, Save $3 deal may be applied up to 3 times in the same cart. Ex: a purchase of 6 eligible items results in a discount of $12.

Holiday Gift Wrap & Personalized Note for ONLY $4.99!

For the 2022 holiday season we have introduced gift wrapping services! You've thoughtfully chosen a great gift to ship to a loved one. As you enter the shipping address, you briefly envision them receiving the delivery. The delivery itself is a surprise, but as soon as they open the box the item is revealed...BEFORE the holiday, no fanfare, no mystery, no FUN!

Wouldn't it be nice instead if the first thing your recipient sees is a nicely wrapped gift and a personalized handwritten card in a sealed envelope, only to be revealed on the "appropriate" day. Combined with our NEXT DAY SHIPPING commitment, get your gifts to loved ones early while preserving that special element of surprise & delightful anticipation. 

For ONLY $4.99 we will personally see to the skillful wrapping of your gift. This service is provided at cost as a convenient, value added service from us to YOU! When you consider the cost of a gift bag and card these days this is a great value.


  1. Go to Holiday Gift Wrapping Service and add it to your CART.
  2. During checkout enter a note instructing us as to what message you would like included in your card. If you would like a photo of the gift prior to shipping, let us know and we can email it to you. 

*Restrictions: Most discounts cannot be combined. Checkout detects competing automatic discounts & manually entered discount codes, and applies the largest qualifying discount to the cart (i.e. the most favorable discount to the buyer).