Birch Bacon Stuffed French Toast with Bourbon

Toast with a twist...

Recently our owner, Glenda Hart, made a guest appearance on the Marc & Mandy Show. By special request, Marc & Mandy asked for Birch Bacon Jam stuffed French Toast and Glenda delivered to cook up this super easy and delicious baked french toast recipe.

Three ingredients make this recipe amazing...Birch Bacon Jam, Birch for Breakfast syrup & Bourbon!!! As a prep ahead breakfast, it is perfect for brunch entertaining at the holidays or anytime when you want a filling treat to start the day. Though baked, of course you can fry up this french toast the traditional way also.

First, a bit about Birch Bacon Jam...

There are a few bacon jams out there but The Canadian Birch Company's Birch Bacon Jam is by far the best. We hear this time and time again from our customers and visitors at our tasting bars all year long. Why? We use real bacon, and in fact each jar has 40% real bacon. Most jams out there contain bacon flavoring and a few chunks of bacon...none of that fake filler in our jam! And most importantly, no other bacon jam out there will have our best secret ingredient... Birch Syrup! Birch just adds a delicious sweet tang and nothing tastes like birch so Birch Bacon Jam is truly unique in its combination of flavors.

Birch for Breakfast syrup is used to add sweetness to the cream cheese filling and also adds a touch of that birch yummy flavor to the egg wash. Bourbon is added to the egg wash as well giving this recipe a touch of the "Christmas Spirit" (haha!). All is rated PG, as the alcohol evaporates in the cooking process.

Birch Bacon Stuffed French Toast with Bourbon

Gluten-friendly Modifications

To make this recipe gluten friendly, use a good quality Gluten Free white bread instead of wheat bread.


NOTES: Using thick slices of bread to soak up the eggs will make for extra fluffy french toast.

Preheat: 350 F

Serves: 6

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Prep Notes:

Grease a 9 x 13 baking dish




Egg Mixture

8 Eggs, beaten well

1/2 Cup Full Fat Cream

1 oz Bourbon

1 TBSP Birch for Breakfast syrup

Pinch Salt

1 Tsp Cinnamon


1 block Cream Cheese

1-212 jar of Birch Bacon Jam

3 TBSP Birch for Breakfast syrup

12 slices of thick bread (white or whole wheat, your preference) For a gluten friendly version, use Gluten Free bread instead of wheat bread.

In a large bowl whisk cream into beaten eggs until well combined. Add bourbon, Birch for Breakfast syrup, salt and cinnamon. Mix well. Pour the egg mixture into the prepared pan.

In a medium sized bowl, cream the Cream Cheese with a mixer until softened. Add Birch Bacon Jam and Birch for Breakfast syrup. Mix until just combined.

Spread 6 pieces of bread with the cream cheese filling. Place the 6 remaining slices of bread on top of filling.

Place the 6 sandwiches into the egg mixture in the pan. Allow the bread to soak up half of the egg mixture. Flip the sandwiches and let rest until the remaining egg mixture is soaked up by the bread.

The french toast may be fried the traditional way in a well greased frying pan or on a griddle at a medium temperature, allow the toast to brown slowly so that the filling also has a chance to heat up. The bacon is already cooked out of the jar but you want to ensure the filling gets nice an warm, and a little runny.

The best and most effortless way to cook these is to simply pop them in the preheated oven and bake for 25 - 30, flipping them half way through, until the egg is not runny inside the bread.

Enjoy your hearty and tasty breakfast!

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