November 2022 Newsletter

Birchwood, maple leaves AND Marc & Mandy

Our usual artisan market roadshow started early this year, with a trip down east to one of our favorite destinations...OTTAWA! In mid October, there is nothing more divine than our nation's maple leaves transforming into orange, pink and red works of art against a coniferous forest green backdrop. The contrasting expanse of color along northern Lake Superior was so breathtaking it must be shared, as well as our nation's iconic symbol, the great maple leaf!

Photo of a brilliant red and orange maple leaf laying on grey asphalt is next to a photo of  a bright fall color forest next to a babbling brook.

And on this note, we've said it before but this year especially, we are so very proud and grateful to be Canadian. When we drive across provincial borders without checkpoints, guards or restrictions, we realize how lucky we are to experience the unfettered freedom we have as Canadians. Considering the conflict in Ukraine, we cannot help but be grateful for the peace we have, and it's times like these that anchor our appreciation in the things we do take for granted. 

Our own Birch forest on Lake Winnipeg is a source of visual wonderment. White birch start their lives with dark red bark. In our field, the red willow gives cover to these birch saplings, which disguise the birch. We often find our new birch trees arising out of a clump of red willow. This scene is especially pretty in autumn. 

Lovely fall photo of the birch forest with brilliant fall colors of russet, light wine, olive and lime green, yellow green foliage intermixed with brilliant white birch tree trunks.


This year we continued to focus on forest management & sustainability. This involves  cutting trees that are nearing their natural end, and harvesting what is left of windfall and trees damaged by three previous years of summer drought. In this way we can salvage the wood while it is still good and stimulate growth from the still living birch stump. Every stump produces shoots that result in lovely clumps of birch. In 20 years they will be ready to tap. (Now that is planning ahead!) It's our way of paying it forward to the next generation.



Owner, Rory Hart, axe in hand stands in front of a tall pile of firewood under an outdoor storage shelter.


So this summer we processed firewood from the trees we cut this past winter. We are also monitoring the new birch trees we planted last year. 

Did you know? Birch firewood is ideal for open fire cooking. Birch wood coals produce massive, long burning heat which is perfect for slow cooking briskets and roasts.

Guest appearance on the Marc & Mandy Show!

It is very rewarding when word of our product makes it way to the airwaves. We are honored to have been invited to the Marc & Mandy show which "...follows a married, multicultural hosting duo as they discuss home décor, food, entertainment, celebrities and lifestyle interests." Glenda Hart, owner of The Canadian Birch Company, has a guest appearance on a cooking segment featuring The Canadian Birch Company's Birch Syrup. Filming takes place early November and episode airing dates and times will be announced on our Instagram feed @canadianbirchsyrup. Make sure to follow us for updates, recipes and promotions!


Fall Feature Birch Recipes 

November's feature recipes are true comfort food to pair with a morning or afternoon coffee or tea.


Photo of Gingerbread Coffee Cake loaf, rich brown and delicious with luscious glaze icing slathered on top.  Click the photo to be taken to the recipe page.


Breakfast Cornbread with Birch for Breakfast syrup links to the recipe page for this hearty breakfast.

Be sure to visit our birch recipe blog to find a wide assortment of recipes using our full lineup of pure birch syrups and sweet & social gourmet birch collection.

Product News

Birch Syrup Inventory

2022 was one of our record years for birch syrup production volume. It made prepping the forest through many challenges including 4 feet of snow that had to be shoveled aside to perform line maintenance and the removal of many downed trees, worth the incredible effort. We are still recovering! However, we are fully stocked with this year's pure birch syrup harvest, having yielded generous amounts of Amber and Dark. Gold is in more limited supply this year so be sure to get your order in NOW to avoid disappointment. To learn more about why our birch production varies each year, read our blog article: Birch vs. Wine

Birch Chocolate Toffee Sauce DISCOUNTINUED

During the holiday season this product will only be available at Christmas Markets we are attending (see schedule below) and only while quantities last. If you really, really need to have some we are happy to accommodate if you send us a quick email request to:

We hate to say goodbye to a good thing...especially when CHOCOLATE is involved, but honestly it was a tough sell next to our Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce which is so very popular. This will allow us more capacity to introduce new and seasonal flavors from time to time to bring you more of the BIRCH you LOVE!

2022 Holiday Market Schedule

Follow our Events page for the latest updates on our attendance at local markets and other events.

Event Info


More info...

Seasons Christmas Show (Mississauga) Nov 11 - 13 Seasons website
Third + Bird Christmas Market (Winnipeg) Nov 18 - 20 Third and Bird website
Signatures Handmade Market (Winnipeg) Nov 24 - 27 Signatures Handmade Market

One of a Kind Show (Toronto)

Nov 24 - Dec 4 One of a Kind website
Signatures Originals Christmas Craft Sale (Ottawa) Dec 7 - 11 Signatures Originals Ottawa website info 


November's Quote

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. -- Martin Luther

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