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March means business

March means business - forest business!  Every year there is maintenance and repair work to be done to our lines before the sap runs. In the photo a tree has fallen onto three of our sap collection lines that transport birch sap. The lines are resilient and once the tree is removed they will bounce back. With smaller lines we are not so lucky. Some will have been chewed by animals or broken by trees falling on them.  These have to be repaired.

  The Canadian Birch Company birch forest in winter. There is several feet of snow on the ground, birch trees and the lateral sap collection lines are shown in the scene. A hand is holding a close up view of a line that has been chewed by a small animal, likely a squirrel. That line will need to be patched.
Imagine walking miles of lines in the snow, chainsaw in hand, wearing a vest weighted down with tools to do repairs, every day, for 5 to 6 weeks. You got it! Spring Weight Loss Program! 

The upside is the weather is warmer, the forest is silent, and despite the work involved the stress of life melts away and it is easy to focus on each task.  We enjoy being out in the fresh air, seeing some of the animals of the forest, and  the solitude! It really is "back to nature". There is nothing like it! 

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary in Business!

This March, 2021, is the beginning of our 10th year. On March 4th, 2012 we started our new venture - The Canadian Birch Company.  To celebrate we are doing two things - Looking back and looking forward.

Looking Back - March 2012

One of our first February to early March jobs in year 1 was marking all the trees in the area we were planning to tap and flagging birch trees that were at least 8 inches in diameter or more. The flagged trees could be easily identified in preparation for trimming trails to allow access for our tapping team. 

 Close up of a healthy mature birch tree approximately 9 inches in diameter adorned with a bright neon pink surveyor tape, flagged for tapping.

Fun Fact - Unlike maple trees, birch trees should not be tapped ahead of time. The holes can dry up and scar over, causing a decrease in production. This means that with Birch, as soon as the sap starts to run, an army of tappers needs to into the forest to install taps in all the earmarked trees. It is a marathon not unlike the grape harvest in wine country...timing is key and the job needs to be done as quick as possible to maximize production.

[See our blog, Birch vs Wine, an interesting vignette discussing how birch syrup and wine making have many similarities]


Late in March 2012, we prepared a level packed limestone pad for the arrival of the huge water tanks you see in the photo below. 

Rory Hart, co-owner of The Canadian Birch Company poses in springtimebeside a massive holding tank which captures the purified water, a by-product of the Birch sap concentration process.

Fun Fact - running birch sap through a reverse osmosis system creates a massive amount of purified water, which we, in turn, use to clean the reverse osmosis equipment, evaporator and other equipment. Reuse & recycle!

Looking Forward - 2021

Monthly giveaways are starting this month! Watch Instagram or Facebook for a post announcement. This month our feature is Birch Bacon Jam.

Unlike many bacon jams out there, this one is BACON with onion and garlic not ONION with a little bacon flavouring. This is the REAL DEAL. Our bacon jam is not overly sweet and the Amber Birch Syrup produces rich flavour ending with a beautiful savory finish. It is the Birch Syrup that makes this condiment extraordinary!

New Recipes on our blog

Delicious white chocolate, birch whiskey toffee sauce and cinnamon s'mores as well as chocolate, birch whiskey toffee and pecan s'mores on a nice wooden tray with toasted marshmallows in the background. The captions says "Sweet & Savory S'mores" to introduce the blog article that follows.

Our March cooking theme is centered around backyard fires so we have put up some classic favorites with a Birch twist. Imagine S'mores and Fire Roasted Bannock with Birch Bacon Jam!!!  

Don't forget to visit our our recipe blog on our website which features numerous recipes with our Birch Syrups and our Birch Sweet & Sociable gourmet collection as ingredients. The recipes are easy, our Birch gourmet collection does all the work!

New products to come

We are working on a few new additions to our Sweet and Sociable Collection.

HINT: Backyard BBQ and Cocktails!

We are not going to say anymore just yet - Except that we are having a lot of fun creating, tasting and collaborating with family and our culinary consultant, Executive Chef Christine Couvelier (Culinary Concierge).

Stay tuned!!!

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. - Hal Borland

The Canadian Birch Company 

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