Birch Syrup, Autumn & Apples

The following post is one of the first ones we put "out there on the inter-webs" four years ago. Being fall and all, it's a good time to reflect on a favorite of autumn's delicious harvest - - the Apple!

September 2016 [revised September 2020] - Late this summer Rory and I were driving down the road a few miles from home when we came upon this sight. 

many apples lying on the side of the road, some run over.

We couldn’t help but take a picture and laugh about the idea of road apples. Sad thing is that the apples were perfectly good except where cars had run over them. No apple should end up here when there are so many ways to enjoy them with birch syrup! 

<-- Our local version of Road Apples!

Here is a little known fact- the birch tree is a distant cousin of the apple tree. So it is no surprise that apples and birch syrup make such a great pairing. We often use them together.  If I make a vinaigrette, I use apple cider vinegar.  A few drops of our Gold Birch Syrup in apple cider (the alcoholic kind) transforms it into a cocktail. Apple sauce with a little whipping cream drizzled with Gold Birch Syrup makes a delicious and healthy dessert.

Another autumn favorite is Caramel Apples.  Simply add a few teaspoons of our Amber birch syrup to the caramel sauce to give that unique flavor that will set your caramel apples apart from the the rest. It truly is better with birch!


Caramel Apple Hack: 

Forget slaving over a hot stove to get your caramel sauce just right. Instead, open a jar of The CANADIAN BIRCH COMPANY's ready-made Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce and serve as an easy, instant dip for apple slices. Slice apples to desired size, insert toothpicks into the slices for ease of serving, place on a serving plate with a bowl of Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce and a flat dish filled with a mixture of Turbinado Sugar and 1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon (or your favorite spice). Dip apples in sauce and then in the cinnamon sugar. The sugar gives this dessert a very satisfying crunch. So, so delish!

Birch Whiskey Toffee Apples


 See our Recipe Blog for Birch Whiskey Mini Apple Pies (pictured at the top of this page).

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